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Taking Aim

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always loved reading about girls who went off on epic adventures.  I was really into Little House on the Prairie and the American Girl series, and thought about what it would be like to live somewhere new and do something different with my life (I guess it… Continue reading Taking Aim


My Weekend Was A Glacier Sandwich

The weather was sunny and warm in Southcentral Alaska this weekend, so I decided to fill it it with lots of gorgeous hikes.  And what's more gorgeous than a glacier?  Two glaciers - with a glacier-free hike in the middle! On Friday I came into work extra early so that I could leave early for… Continue reading My Weekend Was A Glacier Sandwich


My One Word For 2017

Hi everyone!  As you saw in my post from last week, I'm currently working on setting a tone for 2017.  Last year's goals all got crushed after my injury flared up again, so this year I focused on making an awesome bucket list instead.  My final step in setting the tone for 2017 is to… Continue reading My One Word For 2017

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Introducing My Newest Running Partner!

Hi everyone!  I've got some really exciting news:  I have a new running partner, and he's freaking adorable! His name is Ridley and he's a rescue dog from the tiny town of Chevak, AK.  He turned 10 weeks old on Sunday.  He's part of a litter that appears to be some kind of lab mix,… Continue reading Introducing My Newest Running Partner!

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Wednesday #Winning

Hi everyone!  Every once in a while it's time for a random post about life, and today just feels like that day!  I don't have much running stuff going on lately (#injuredrunnerproblems) but there is lots of big, exciting news going on this week!  I am totally #winning this Wednesday! I'm just going to start with… Continue reading Wednesday #Winning


The 123s of Run Away With Me

Hi everyone!  And an extra special welcome to anyone visiting from the Grow Your Blog blog hop!  I participated in the last session as well, and shared the ABCs of Run Away With Me to introduce readers to my blog.  I decided to do another introductions post because they're so much fun!  Plus with all of… Continue reading The 123s of Run Away With Me

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2016 Goals and My One Word for 2016

Hi everyone!  Welcome to the new and improved 2016 version of Run Away With Me!  I've got a shiny new layout to go with the shiny new year and I hope you like it!  And speaking of the new year, now that we're already almost halfway through January (what!)  I'm finally feeling ready to sit… Continue reading 2016 Goals and My One Word for 2016


Home For Christmas!

Hi everyone! Merry Christmas! It's definitely time for a holiday recap along with some scenes from my super Pennsylvanian run! On Tuesday we decided to celebrate a mini version of Christmas in Alaska, so we opened up a few presents that we didn't want to bring home on the plane. I got a beautiful new… Continue reading Home For Christmas!


Physical Therapy 101

Hi everyone!  As you are all probably well aware by now, I recently had a hip injury (if you missed the beginning of this saga, go here and then read almost every other blog post after that for the rest of the story!).  I've had a few mini-injuries here and there over the past 3.5… Continue reading Physical Therapy 101


My Return To Running!

Hi everyone!  Huge news on the blog today!  Since last Monday, I've actually made a ton of progress with my December goals - mainly, my goal to run 10 miles in December.  I'm currently at 4.2 miles!  Yes, the return to running is officially happening!  Here's how it all went down this week: After running… Continue reading My Return To Running!