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What Fall Means to an Alaskan

Fall has always been my favorite season.  Back in Philadelphia, fall arrived in late October and brought bright red, orange, yellow, and brown leaves to the hills and valleys.  We carved pumpkins before Halloween and put them out on our porches until trick or treating was over.  We wore cute little hats and gloves that… Continue reading What Fall Means to an Alaskan

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Hiking Through Portage Pass

We've had such a cold, rainy summer and fall here in Anchorage so whenever the sun comes out it seems like everyone drops everything and goes outside!  I was definitely one of those people on Saturday.  It was sunny and warm, so we chose to drive down to the town of Whittier to hike the… Continue reading Hiking Through Portage Pass

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A Bike Tour of Anchorage

When I moved into my house last summer, I was super excited about the fact that we now live only one block away from one of the main paved bike trails that goes through Anchorage.  I'm able to bike from my driveway down to the Westchester Lagoon, which is one of my favorite parks in… Continue reading A Bike Tour of Anchorage

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Denali Road Lottery 2017

On Friday I had the super rare opportunity to drive my car into Denali National Park during the Denali Road Lottery!  To visit Denali National Park, people usually have to take a shuttle bus into the park instead of driving their own car.  It's something they do to prevent humans from having too much impact… Continue reading Denali Road Lottery 2017

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Fear Isn’t All That Scary

"Do you ever get anxious or nervous out there?" I asked, holding my breath while I waited for the answer.  I was standing in front of Leighan, the special guest at REI's "Force of Nature" movie screening event.  I had shown up to support Girls on the Run - I'm on the board of directors… Continue reading Fear Isn’t All That Scary

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Midnight Sun Backpacking Trip

Wednesday is the summer solstice, AKA the longest day of the year.  I always try to do something fun to celebrate by spending time outside in the sunshine, and when I saw that this weekend was going to be sunny I planned a quick backpacking trip.  The problem was that I already had a hair… Continue reading Midnight Sun Backpacking Trip

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Sometimes You Celebrate With A Hike

Last Thursday, June 1st, was my fourth wedding anniversary!  My husband and I have been together for almost 11 years (we met sophomore year of college!) but only tied the knot 4 years ago back in Ridley Creek State Park in Pennsylvania.  The next day we flew up to Alaska for our honeymoon, fell in… Continue reading Sometimes You Celebrate With A Hike

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My First Solo Camping Trip

I've always been into camping ever since I was a little girl.  My dad and I spent years going to World's End State Park in Pennsylvania and camping together on a summer or fall weekend, and it's something that helped me fall in love with the outdoors. My husband isn't as big on camping as I… Continue reading My First Solo Camping Trip

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Trying (and Failing At) Some Things

This weekend was a perfect spring weekend in Alaska. The sun was up longer than it was down, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and the temperatures were in the 30s. It was the perfect weekend to get outside!  On Saturday I planned on laying around and being lazy, but my friend wanted to… Continue reading Trying (and Failing At) Some Things

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A Perfect Winter Backpacking Trip

I know that it's officially spring now, but it's definitely not spring here in Alaska.  I mean, we're getting tons of sunlight (over 12 hours a day now!) and it's what Alaskans would consider warm (above freezing) pretty consistently, but there's still a lot of snow on the ground.  However, that snow makes for perfect… Continue reading A Perfect Winter Backpacking Trip