Weekend Recap and Some Monday Motivation!

Hey everyone! After a nice little break from work/blogging for the past 4 days, I’m back in the swing of things! Here’s how I spent my Thanksgiving break:

Thanksgiving: After spending the night at my parent’s house in Reading, I woke up early for my Turkey Trot, the Flippin’ Fun Turkey Run 5k in Wyomissing. My race recap will be up soon!

20131202-000422.jpg3.1 cold miles to start off my Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak!

I then helped make homemade mashed potatoes and Red Lobster cheddar rolls (best rolls EVER!) and had a really yummy Thanksgiving lunch with my family. Then my husband and I drove over to his sister’s house in Warrington and had Thanksgiving/Hanukkah dinner! I barely had any room for more than a tiny bit more turkey and a latke, but I did eat some of my Sister In Law’s insanely delicious homemade pumpkin cheesecake!


What I’m thankful for:  my dog Bella! (she was so impatient for us to all sit down so that I could feed her turkey under the table!  She’s so smart!)

Black Friday: I bought a new MacBook Air for $150 off since my current MacBook has been acting up for months now! It’s 5 years old so I’m excited for the upgrade. I also bought CamelBak backpacks for Andrew and I for less than $50 each, Yaktrax Run shoe covers so that I can run in the snow for only $28, and some surprises for my husband! And I did it all online so I didn’t have to fight any crazy people. I ran 1 mile on the treadmill to keep my RW Run Streak going strong.

Saturday: Andrew and I went for a run on the River Trail in Valley Forge National Park. Andrew wanted to run 3 miles and I wanted to do 6, so we ran the first 1.5 miles out together. It was nice having a running buddy, and he kept me running at a slower pace for a really nice warmup. The muscles on the back of my left knee have been killing me lately, so I took it slow for the first 4 miles and then pushed it in the last 2 miles. I had to foam roll like crazy and then ice the back of my knee, but luckily it’s feeling a bit better!

Sunday: I ran 1 mile on the treadmill, and then went Christmas shopping! I also bought some supplies to make a really sweet outfit for the Ugly Sweater Run next Saturday. Goodwill didn’t have any good ugly sweaters so I’m making my own outfit with a little help from Pinterest. I’m also very happy to announce that Sunday was our 6 month wedding anniversary! I’m so happy to be married to such an amazing guy.


Now it’s time for a little Monday Motivation to start out the week!  I plan on keeping the running streak going strong but I’m going to need a little motivation to do that.  Even though I’m feeling a bit more tired and achey (especially on my left leg/hip) than usual due to the increase in milage, I’m feeling much happier, relaxed, and a bit stronger already!  So I’m excited to make every day this month a good day with a run!  Who else is with me?


How was your Thanksgiving break?  Did you get any running deals on Black Friday?  And how is your Holiday Running Streak going?

8 thoughts on “Weekend Recap and Some Monday Motivation!

    1. I felt the same way, and then a chunk of my computer fell off and I was unable to upload pictures to facebook because my computer doesn’t support it anymore. So I didn’t really have a choice! I’m going to go poor over it but luckily Best Buy hooked me up with a really good deal! Good luck with Santa!

  1. Looking forward to your Turkey Trot race recap!
    I want to do an ugly sweater run! Maybe next year. How funny that you couldn’t find any ugly sweaters at Goodwill 😛
    Day 5 of the streak and I’m going strong! (Though I feel more tired from running daily – wonder how I’ll feel 20 days in?) I hope your left leg feels 100% better soon =)

    1. You should check it out! They’re all over the country so there might be one by you! And yeah, I was really mad at Goodwill. I found a few ugly ones, but none were ugly enough! Walmart had the best options but they were $18 and I just couldn’t justify that! I also wonder how I’ll feel in 15 days – I’m feeling so tired and achey, but also a bit stronger if that makes sense. Good luck with your streaking!

  2. Hi Kristen!
    The Holiday Streak is alive and well. A little thing called the blizzard challenged my resolve yesterday but I got that mile in and a little some down in the record books 🙂
    Have a fantastic week!

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